May. 3rd, 2013

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entries serving as "events" with dates in future


Allow a special class of entry, an "event", with in addition to posting time, a start and finish in the future. Allow a special class of comment saying that one is/is not attending such an event. Facilitate display of upcoming events amongst one's watchlist.

<user name="liv"> (who has nothing to do with this specific proposal) and I were discussing the depressing popularity of Facebook in spite of its universally acknowledged awfulness.

It seems to me that one of the main drivers behind it is familiar; it's the reason Exchange crops up so widely in a corporate context in spite of its awfulness. Shared calendaring, or similar.

I suggest that something of a similar nature could piggyback on the existing entry infrastructure. An "event" would have additional metadata in the form of start and end times (ideally conveniently organised so that a one-day event can be created without saying "00:00 on Monday 24th July ... 24:00 on Monday 24th July"), and the creation interface would strongly encourage adding a meaningful title to the entry. There's some obvious wishlist stuff for repeating events, but none of that is really necessary. Other than that, they'd be normal entries, with users free to enter what text they pleased, make them public or fiendlocked, etc. (The interface might, wishlist, warn about the creation of public events).

In addition, there'd be a format for metadata in comments which would indicate that a given user was or was not attending an event. Comments consisting purely of such metadata would not be ordinarily displayed. An "event" entry would still permit conventional comments or comments with both text and attendance metadata.

The tricky bit would be in the display; in making this facility as convenient to use as possible. I would suggest, for example, that (optionally) when viewing a watchlist (including a custom view), I would see at the top of the page a list of upcoming events in the next n days posted by users on that list, including their titles and radio buttons to mark my intent to attend them, perhaps mentioning how many others in my Circle are attending. Viewing the entry for an event might present the attendees list in a convenient format assembled from the comment metadata.

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