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When uploading images, display most recent upload at top

When uploading images, display most recent upload at top

Upload Images page

On the wonderful, amazing new image upload page, it would be nice to be able to immediately tell if the correct image uploaded. Changing the display so the most recent image is on top would fix this.

Most of the time when I use the image upload page, it's from my phone camera, on a tiny mobile screen. Currently, when I'm uploading multiple images, the only way to tell if an image was correctly uploaded is to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it, and then scroll back to the top to upload the next image. This quickly gets tedious with more than a couple images. If the new image preview appeared directly below the upload box, it would be immediately visible and make workflow much smoother on mobile. I can't think how it would make it harder for anyone. (If that's not technically doable for some reason, any kind of upload confirmation that is visible near the upload box on mobile would be nice.)

Poll #18204 When uploading images, display most recent upload at top
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