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Add Discord ID to profile under Connect Services

Add Discord ID to profile under Connect Services

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Adding a new option for Discord to the Connect section of user profiles.

Discord (https://discordapp.com/) has been gaining popularity particularly among RPers in recent months as an alternative to AIM for a central messaging system. It'd be really nice if we could add our Discord user ID the same way we can add our AIM screen names to our profiles.

Their formats are CHOSENNAME#4DIGITS where the 4 digits are randomly assigned, but consistent, and the whole thing becomes your actual username - so if you chose the username "Penguin", Discord will give you "Penguin#2792" and that is your username.

Discord doesn't host profile pages outside of the chat app itself, so I don't think you could do the <user name=name site=discord> function, but it's not needed. Just the ability to list the username itself is really the useful bit.

Poll #18124 Add Discord ID to profile under Connect Services
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