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Icon Downloads

Icon Downloads


Ability to download all current icons on your journal (active or inactive).

I know that I'm not the only one that sometimes looks at their long list of icons after some kind of computer failure, and wants to back them up on the new machine. Or maybe they were linked by a url and you forgot to save them. Maybe you stopped having a paid account, but want to be able to reupload them with ease after you get a chance to pay for the account again (Submitting another suggestion on this topic as well).

I think it would be very helpful if there were some option that would let you batch save the image files currently on your account, preferably with the keyword or description as the name. Compression has improved and should allow users to download a backup of their icons in a zip file they can unpack on their computer.

In addition and/or alternatively, perhaps there is some way to make a metadata file that would take less room than the icons, but contain the information about them and their keywords and descriptions, or a file that can be added to the zip folder that contains this information to make the re-upload of icons easier.

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