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Make Sidebar and Tags Page Tag Counts Into Links

Make Sidebar and Tags Page Tag Counts Into Links

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On other websites (in all truth, I can't remember exactly which ones) I've seen tag counts (such as "News: 20 uses", for example) displayed as links. By clicking the number 20 in my example - or the whole line, "20 uses", depending on how exactly the usage count is worded/displayed - one is taken to a page that shows all uses of that tag, exactly the way clicking on the tag *name* itself works right now on DW. I would like to 1) see the tag count included in the tag name link, for both styling and accessibility purposes or b) make another link for the tag count itself.

Right now tag counts don't have their own CSS classes or any fine-grained styling options in the Customize Style interface (but these first two issues are initially covered in another suggestion I've recently made), nor do they display as links. On my own DW I often look at the tag counts, in the sidebar in particular, and wonder why they can't also possibly function as links. It seems intuitive that you might read a user's tag names, check the tag counts on each one, then might want to, for example, click through based on a particularly high or low number of uses on at least one or more of those tags. But the ability to click through on a tag count isn't there so as a mouse user, for example, you might have to swing your mouse back across the screen to click on the tag name instead. This could sort of be a hassle, especially if there's more than one tag you want to click through on. My solution is to simply linkify the tag counts.

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