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Revamp Edit Entries

Revamp Edit Entries


I always forget this page exist because I can't really use it to manage my entries: if you don't remember the exact day when you posted something, you can't find older entries. Displaying several entries is nifty but since the Edit button doesn't load another page, you lose your list of results (or have to use your browser's back button).

Here are some features I suggest be added to this page:

- Add the option to view entries between two chosen dates (within a limit, of course).

- Add (Merge???) Content Search ( into the search options.

- Turn subjects into links.

- Display tags.

- Add a button to tag entries.

- Add a button to delete entries.

- Find a way to let you edit your entries without making you lose your list of results.

- ETA: when you get your results, add link to perform a new search (or don't display results on a new page but below the search form)

If you can think of other ways to improve this page, please do suggest them in the comments.

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[personal profile] ratcreature 2009-08-18 08:07 am (UTC)(link)
I admit that I have never used that page. I guess that in itself says something of its functionality, otoh I don't edit older entries that often. So I don't really know what would be most useful.