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Let you filter down by multiple tag when in tags view

Let you filter down by multiple tag when in tags view


We have a tag view which lets you view only entries which are tagged with *all* the tags at once:,tag2?mode=all

It would be nice to have an easy way to navigate to that view by clicking, rather than needing to memorize the URL arguments or visiting an FAQ to discover the feature.

We have a way of filtering down to multiple tags at once, but it's not easily discoverable. I suggest that we add additional links to the tag list in the sidebar so that you can click through to filtering by multiple tags.

Right now we have:
* tag1 - [num uses]
* tag2 - [num uses]

When viewing entries tagged with "tag1", clicking on the "tag2" link will bring you to just entries tagged with tag2.

What I suggest is to have an additional link, something like:
* tag1 [+] - [num uses]
* tag2 [+] - [num uses]

So that when viewing entries tagged with "tag1", clicking on "tag2" would still bring you to just entries tagged with tag2. Clicking the [+] beside tag2, however, would bring you to entries that have both the "tag1" and "tag2" tags (which is a new functionality).

There would be no pluses/ no change in behavior when not already viewing a tag.

There would also be no discoverable way to filter to entries that have either one of the "tag1" or "tag2" tags (which is the old functionality for multiple tags), but I feel it would be too much to have two additional links in that area.

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[personal profile] deborah 2010-11-29 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Why don't we change tag browsing to a more common faceted browsing engine? People are used to these from Target, Best Buy, etc. I know there's open source options that we could plug in.

Faceted browsing allows people who aren't comfortable with the concept of search limiters to easily see how they're limiting and unlimiting searches.

Since I'm currently redesigning a digital library user interface to use faceted browsing, I'm happy going into more detail about it if anyone wants.