Feb. 20th, 2017

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Poor [site community profile] dw_suggestions. It hasn't been as dead as it looks (I've been moving things directly into the issue tracker all along for little changes that don't need discussion), but the queue got out of hand again despite my best intentions, and then (of course) it became A Thing where I couldn't just do one or two things from the middle without first handling all the stuff that had been waiting forever with profuse apologies so I just looked at the whole thing and went "ugh" and went away to go put my limited work time elsewhere. *

* My native slacker avoidant tendencies have been sharply exascerbated over the past few years due to chronic pain, depression issues, and untreated-up-until-now ADHD... yes, this is why news posts have also been few and far between in the past year and a half.

Anyway, HOORAY FOR MEDS (seriously, hooray for meds), and I will be working to catch up on the queue over the next few days/weeks. This means:

* There will be some old entries posted to the comm for discussion. When they're posted, please remember that the person who made the suggestion may have done so a very long time ago and wasn't necessarily expecting it to be posted now, or that things may have changed on DW or elsewhere on the internet since the suggestion was made. If there are any suggestions where things have changed on DW since it was originally written, I'll leave a note in a comment on the suggestion. Please read comments before voting and/or leaving a comment of your own!

* If you submitted a suggestion a while ago and it wasn't ever posted or rejected, you will be getting a posting or rejection notice sometime within the next few days. I'm sorry it's taken so long.

* Many suggestions have been sitting in the queue because they won't work for one reason or another, but they really deserve a thoughtful, detailed response explaining why it wouldn't be possible or why we've considered it or something like it in the past and decided that we didn't want to do it. A big part of why I got behind was that I do like to give those thoughtful, detailed responses when I reject a suggestion -- if you took the time to write the suggestion, you deserve me taking the time to explain to you why it wouldn't work -- and that takes a lot of time, brain, and typing that I haven't reliably been able to summon recently. In the interests of cleaning out the backlog and getting current on things, though, I'm going to give myself permission to be a little less carefully detailed and thoughtful when I reject the older suggestions. If my explanations are too simple or you want to know more detail, you can email me at denise@dreamwidth.org. (Just include the rejection notice so I can be reminded what I wrote -- I'm writing a bunch of them today!)

tl;dr: SUGGESTIONS QUEUE BEING CLEANED OUT. SITE ADMIN VERY SORRY. SITE ADMIN MEDICATING BRAIN PROBLEMS NOW. (Site admin has given up on body problems ever getting totally fixed, but at least has drugs for that, too.)


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