Mar. 5th, 2014

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Password protect posts so non-DW friends can be included


Add an additional security option between "public" and "friends" where the post is viewable to anyone with the correct password. This would allow users to include friends without DW accounts in non-public posts.

It's been a few years since this was last suggested ( ). Maybe opinions have changed.

WordPress has a password protected post option ( ). A post with this security setting is viewable to anyone with the correct password. The public and RSS readers can see that a new post is there, but you must enter the password to read the actual content. This allows you to have non-public content available to friends who don't have an account on the site (or who use OpenID). I'd like to see something akin to that implemented here.

A modification suggested in the comments last time would also include the option to make the post (including password prompt) viewable only by direct link.

Having it not only gives you greater control over who outside the site can see your content, it might just pull in new users. They'd come to the site to read your posts, see how it works, and maybe just be tempted to try it themselves.

So it works like this:

Between "Public" and "Access List," there would be an additional security option labeled "Password Protected." When you select that, you enter a password. When the post goes up, you have what amounts to a cut tag hiding the post's contents (including comments) until the reader enters the correct password. An additional sub-option (available via checkbox, perhaps?) would allow you to make even the password prompt viewable via direct link only. Crossposts would link back to DW, where readers would be prompted for the password.

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