Jul. 8th, 2013

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Community sticky posts editable by all admins

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It would be helpful if community accounts could make sticky posts inside the community, then editable by everyone with admin rights within that community.

Communities already make use of sticky posts for a variety of reasons - e.g. dw_suggestions has one (made by denise) that acts as an introduction and usage guide to the comm.

I suggest that it would be helpful for communities to be able to contain sticky posts nominally made by the community account itself, giving all community admins editing rights over it. I imagine this working via the "post as: another user" module in the new update page.

Example use cases: in dw_dev_training, I envisage this being used as an up-to-date centralised record of current babydev bait; Momijizukamori has said they'd love something like this to link to resources, beyond the bare bones in dreamscape's community profile.

ISSUES that I can come up with:
- community accounts currently can't be associated with posts, as far as I know, so that would be an exciting thing to work with
- would probably want there to be one post permitted per community (so would need to work out how to limit this - wouldn't just want automatic overwrite of pre-existing posts!)

Alternative solutions/workarounds:

(1) Create a mutual admin account (as in use at <user name="poetree"> with the shared account <user name="poetree_admin">). Downsides: security hassle - DW tends to discourage sharing accounts, I think? Logging out/in/out/in hassle - this will presumably be removed as and when seamless account switching is implemented.

(2) Some styles permit insertion of custom text to be displayed in the sidebar. Standardisation of this feature across styles (complete with full mark-up!), including choice as to where to site the custom text within the layout, might be a suitable alternative that would be editable by all admins.

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