Apr. 25th, 2013

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Option for Blind Polls Until Closed


Allow an option for polls to not show their results until after they're closed.

I've noticed that seeing how voting has gone so far in a poll can affect the poll outcome. It would be wonderful if a poll could be blind to everyone, or just to everyone but the creator, until the poll closes. This would be an option and not a requirement for polls.

Basically, we've found that polls that were supposed to gage a measure of change in a character to obtain a new status ended up being nothing more than popularity polls. (Yes, it's an RPG.) Even though there are suggestions in the works to improve the poll, the suggestions I can come up with still have an element of becoming a popularity poll as people can still view current results before voting themselves. Only a truly blind poll could really alleviate this issue. I'm sure other types of communities would also use this option. The rest of the poll options would stay the same, including what results would be seen, but the results still would not be shown until the poll is closed. Basically, it'd reflect how we do voting in everyday life (elections, closed ballots, etc).

That way, polls would more closely represent individuals choices and not have their opinions influenced by others. (Also, the surprise element is fun!) It wouldn't prevent users from talking amongst themselves on whom they voted on, but it'd be closer to how voting works outside of Dreamwidth.

Poll #13463 Option for Blind Polls Until Closed
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 72

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