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html and OpenID

html and OpenID


I think you're going to develop a more receptive user base if you give OpenID folks the ability to use html in comments.

I recently had some OpenID folks expressing unhappiness with their inability to use html in a thread in my journal. I've already met with quite a bit of resistance to my decision to switch to dreamwidth from livejournal, and I suspect that others are meeting with similar resistance. I don't know whether OpenID is handled differently when posting to paid accounts (I do have a second account that is paid but have not done much with it so far). I think that at minimum you should try to fix this for paid account users, but will do best to elliminate the problem entirely.

Here's the thread: http://elusiveat.dreamwidth.org/325169.html?thread=1730609#cmt1730609

Note: I chose not to report this as a bug because I don't know whether it was a deliberate design decision.

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From my persepctive, [personal profile] miss_s_b gets a lot of comments from non-LJ bloggers, we're trying to promote OpenID logins and similar.

If I comment on a WP or Blogger blog, I can put in a link to back up an argument. If they come back to comment here, they can't.

From feedback from friends, that's a real discouragement for them to continue discussions here--on LJ we'd both regularly get 50+ comment threads, on here we don't, partially because some users are put off.

We need, at the least, to allow validated accounts to comment properly. If you want to promote DW as a blogging platform that supports interoperability.

I, as a DW user with a paid account, find it really annoying that I can't click links put into Jennie's comment box by personal friends that we trust implicitly, just because they blog elsewhere, and we're encouraging OpenID use.

The friends that take the time to hand code the links find it even more annoying.