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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions 2017-04-18 08:58 pm (UTC)

Re: thoughts on a more substantial change

I really like that grouping, and it makes a lot of sense!

I'm 100% for getting rid of the current multisearch box in group 3 and replacing it with a textbox that calls out to (the directory is, well, a mess, and most of the options in the multisearch box are less useful than they were in 2001), with a small "member search" link underneath for the directory...

Anyway, yes: I would love to see mockups, since you've articulated a bunch of stuff that annoys me subconsciously about where shit is in the navstrip. (Which is still the version LJ had at the time of our fork, with tweaks over the years here and there to shove in more stuff where it would fit: that's why the style stuff is in Cell 3, because the relationship info in Cell Two can get really long.)

Views I'd want to take a look at:

* the front page of your own journal while you are logged in
* the front page of a journal when you are not logged in
* the front page of someone else's journal/a community while you are logged in (with one each of both the shorter relationship texts -- "You subscribe to [staff profile] denise", etc -- and the longer ones -- "You and [staff profile] denise have mutual subscriptions and you have granted access to [staff profile] denise" or whatever)
* your own reading page (logged in and not)
* someone else's reading page (with both short and long relationship text)
* individual entries

I'd also like to see how it behaves on both small viewports and large ones, but that can be decided by whoever implements it. (Although if you want to come up with both desktop and mobile versions, I'm pretty sure we do have the technical capacity to choose which to show to people based on their device.)

Don't feel like you have to keep the three-cell concept if you think something else will work better. (Several cells and then the relationship text centered across the entire width of the view, top or bottom, is something I've thought of a few times!) I'd also prefer if it were no much larger than the existing 60px height, although that might be tougher.

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