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MM Writes ([personal profile] marahmarie) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions 2017-04-18 03:02 am (UTC)

(I mean, if nothing else, can we at least get the text baselines to match up?

So, if I'm reading you right, I use custom CSS for the navbar that *might* do what you want - not a lot - just enough to make it more in tune with the design on my DW (which is custom, but not originally made by me, just poked at enough by me via CSS that it no longer looks exactly like the original).

I'll set it to display on my journal in a few minutes and keep it that way (showing when you click through) until you get to see it - tell me what you think! The CSS I'm using (if it helps you do anything design-wise with the navabr) is the following (as is anything below or in my style sheet that starts with #lj_controlstrip):

Copying/pasting into another DW layout might not work perfectly because I don't always keep all my CSS chunks for different parts of the page in one spot (that's most of it, above; I just can't guarantee that's all of it without going through the rest of my style sheet), so if you run into any funkiness in trying to use it, let me know.

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