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MM Writes ([personal profile] marahmarie) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions 2017-04-16 04:03 am (UTC)

The thing is, it would force me to use the navbar, which I'm currently not using on my own journal (just on other people's - but I'm not even sure why I have it set like that, because I don't like using it).

If not for that I'd vote yes; a possible "with changes" might be making a new navbar for this alone (or setting the existing navbar to display this alone, instead of displaying all the traditional navbar stuff), which I'll think about as I eat the chili I just got done making). :)

ETA: my "with changes" is that the functionality is coded into the navbar in such a way that it's like an added strip laying across the top of the navbar (but still nested within navbar HTML so it can be styled and even displayed separately, if one so desires).

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