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allen ([personal profile] allen) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions 2017-04-16 04:20 pm (UTC)

Since I put in this suggestion I went ahead and made a proof-of-concept implementation. From that I learned:

1) Having a JavaScript function for 'quick-scroll to the next/previous entry' is super-nice (but of course I think that)

2) The sticky-nav feature (having a div in one of the sidebars that stays at the top of the browser viewport when you you would otherwise scroll past it) is a fine way to make it so the links are always available, but can look a little bit bare-bones (and very bare-bones in some styles). I could imagine styles authors wanting to modify that so that there was some additional content that would be in the sticky navigation section--for instance, you could make it so when you scrolled past the end of your sidebar, then the sticky div could be the profile module plus the next/previous entry navigation module.

3) Because of 2), I'd probably suggest the module be disabled by default for most styles, so only users who active enabled it would get the sticky nav section.

4) Two-fingered swipe is awkward, at least for me, since I usually scroll with the thumb of the hand that's holding my phone. Still, it's better than a single-touch swipe, because it's super-annoying when you are just trying to scroll or click and your phone thinks you're swiping.

5) It would still be a good idea to also make the swipe functionality opt-in (probably by making it dependent on the sticky-nav module), if only because I don't trust mobile manufacturers not to mess things up. ("We made the only way to switch tabs a two-fingered swipe up and down! Oops, guess that doesn't work if you're in DW!")

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