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Profiles: message box if I've banned this user

Profiles: message box if I've banned this user

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If you go to the profile page of a user you've banned, nothing indicates you've done so. I think a message box telling you you've banned this user, with the reason you've banned them (if you've filled it out) and an 'unban this user?' link would be useful. It could be displayed at the top of the profile.

Something could be added to the Navigation Strip as well?

Poll #18052 Profiles: message box if I've banned this user
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 59

This suggestion:

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Should be implemented as-is.
48 (81.4%)

Should be implemented with changes. (please comment)
6 (10.2%)

Shouldn't be implemented.
1 (1.7%)

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4 (6.8%)

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