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jducoeur ([personal profile] jducoeur) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions 2017-02-27 07:38 pm (UTC)

If we're going to stick with pop-out preview windows, then yeah -- this sounds about right to me.

As usual, it's all about UX. At the moment, you have to manually flip back and forth between the Create Entry page and the preview -- either by clicking on tabs or closing the preview window. Providing buttons to do that right in-page would be a small but definite improvement in this workflow: it fixes a little pain point that I've been noticing.

My one tweak would be that the "Back to Editing" button, instead of closing the Preview Window, would ideally just front the Create Entry tab, leaving the Preview Window open but behind -- by avoiding opening and closing the Preview Window repeatedly, it would speed things up slightly, and make the flow a little more natural. (I don't recall with 100% confidence that it's possible to front the parent window like this, but I *think* it can be done.)

Coupled with this: IMO, the Preview Window *should* auto-close when you actually post the entry -- at that point, it really has no purpose any more. I was a little surprised that that wasn't already the case; offhand, I'm not coming up with any use cases where that seems like a bad idea.

And yes, it seems totally natural to me that the Preview Window should contain a "Post Entry" button. Again, I was slightly surprised that that wasn't already available.

jducoeur also mentioned having editing and preview side-by-side or top-to-bottom which I think is an interesting idea.

I should be clear that my suggestion is specifically to have just the *content* of the post be previewed in this style, not the entire page as it works now. It's conceptually rather different from the current approach.

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