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I don't think I ever connected how choosing to see pages in a certain style or view made the previews display that way, as well! I thought whatever your chosen journal style was (the CSS version, whether a site layout or one you make yourself) was the way your previews would automatically display. Good to know...

When you post your entry, you land on a success page you have a link called 'edit your entry'. The same would be true here.

Yeah, and when you have a default security setting of Access only (like I do) but want a post to display publicly, you have no choice but to edit after posting to change security level, which means I'm making two extra clicks, scrolling to the page end and hitting a dropdown to swap the security level no matter what, so for people who have their settings as I do, I can see the point, but for those people who don't need to switch security after posting, it's otherwise a case of having to make extra clicks to fix anything forgotten.

I actually like the idea of sticking everything needed to complete a post on the preview page, if you're going to have a button to post from there on it anyhow, but I guess that's added work to code up and could result in some extra bandwidth being used and page space being taken up, which might not be desirable (or maybe the needed tools could be set up as a fly-out sidebar that hides until needed? Doing so might reduce extra server load, as well as hide things away until needed so one can still see the preview page without clutter?).

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