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System for Marking Entries to Read Later

System for Marking Entries to Read Later


Similar to how AO3 allows you to bookmark fic to read later, it would be super convenient to be able to mark a DW entry on my reading page for later, especially if you often read Dreamwidth on mobile.

I try to read my reading page every day, but I don't always have time to read everything on it, especially when someone is doing heavy lifting for personal issues or has written a long, meaty entry I want time to digest, or hey look there's fic and I don't have time for it right this second but I really want to read it. I often read on mobile, and it's not really feasible to keep dozens of tabs open in mobile browser until I can come back to them. So, I'd love a way to store entries to read later that's separate from the memories feature (which in my mind is for stuff I've already read and want to remember.) I think this would make DW easier to use from mobile as well (oh look there's a post full of images, I don't want to look at that on a cell connection.)

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