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Have previews load on same page in small pop-ups

Lightboxes are a bad idea so I've submitted a new suggestion to improve our current preview pop-ups. Please comment on this one instead once it's approved. :)

Have previews load on same page in small pop-ups

entries, comments

We have wonderful magic for Quick Reply and a nice pop-up for browsing icons. I'm thinking that something along these would be nice for previews too. So no more loading the preview in the same tab (like DW does for comments) or even loading it in a new window (like DW does for entries). Just a small pop-up you could post your entry and comment from if you're happy with what you see or with a link to go back to the editing page, which would close the pop-up (it is currently not possible to post an entry from its preview page or go back to editing from there; you can only close the window). This type of previews is already implemented on several sites.

On the Comments preview page, there is additional info (such as which HTML tags are allowed). I think this info should be accessible before you click preview (I don't see how you're supposed to know you have to click on preview to get it in the first place). It could be via a ? button or a text link.

Feel free to suggest better implementation! There may be even better preview magic I haven't seen yet :)

Poll #18018 Have previews load on same page in small pop-ups
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