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Filter entries by tags AND security level

Filter entries by tags AND security level

tags, access filters

It would be great to have a straightforward way to filter someone's current entries by both tags and security level, at the same time.

Currently, you can filter someone's entry by tag, e.g. would display all User's entries tagged 'banana' .

You can also filter it by security level, e.g. . This would display all User's current public entries.

But there is no obvious way (AFAIK - please correct me if I'm wrong) to do both at once, e.g. if you could use to display all User's current public entries tagged 'banana'. And some people have hundreds of entries per tag, so checking all by hand might not be practical.

This would be useful for if you need to quickly check if something a person told you is public knowledge before running your mouth about it in your own journal ("Looks like User's banana posts are all access-locked. I'd better ask them first before posting publicly about meeting them at the banana festival!") or, potentially, for checking your own security levels ("I try to make sure my posts on lutefisk are in an opt-in access group for my fellow lutefisk enthusiasts, but I think I might have forgotten to filter a few. Let me just check and the same for security/public/tag/lutefisk to make sure of that.")

Potential drawbacks:
- it might hit the database too hard? IDK.
- people have custom security groups with / in the title, and people have tags with / in the title, and this would make it more difficult to form a URL, not matter whether it's /security/level/tag/tagname, or /tag/tagname/security/level.

Poll #15786 Filter entries by tags AND security level
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