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Send notifications of unscreened comments in tracked threads

Send notifications of unscreened comments in tracked threads

Commenting, tracking threads, notifications

I'd like to get notifications of comments in screened threads, where a moderator later unscreens them. Right now, if you subscribe to a thread, you get notified of new comments--but not if they're screened. And there's no notification sent out on unscreening.

I don't know how technically difficult this would be to implement. All I know is, when I try to track threads in anon love memes, where comments are often screened until a moderator opens them, I don't get email notifications. I assume there are similar problems in some gaming journals and some kink memes--if you're not the person being replied to, you have to keep checking back to find out if there are new responses.

I assume that the "send notification" code activates immediately upon commenting, and is interrupted if the comment is screened. There may not be an easy way to implement "when comment is unscreened, check to see if anyone's subscribed, and send notification," especially if that includes "...but first, check to see if that person's already been notified, either because they were the reply-to person and got notified when the comment was made, or because the comment was originally unscreened, later screened, and is now being unscreened again."

I can't think of any drawbacks to this (other than, of course, it may be horrendously difficult to code), but I can easily believe I'm missing some. I don't know if there are any comms that make use of the lack-of-notification as it currently exists.

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