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Remove sticky entries from ?poster=(mumble) community journal view

Remove sticky entries from ?poster=(mumble) community journal view

page: journal, site: community features

When viewing entries by a specific poster in a community, like, sticky entries shouldn't be displayed on top. This is because the reader is likely looking for a specific entry by author name, and the sticky entries will likely stand in the way of seamless scanning.

It's unclear to me what should happen to sticky entries by the user specified in ?poster=. wouldnt want them displayed as sticky/in sticky position. Instead, I'd have them display in normal time-of-posting order. But there may be reasons to do it otherwise, or with a controlling option in the URL or elsewhere.

Poll #13978 Remove sticky entries from ?poster=(mumble) community journal view
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 42

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18 (42.9%)

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