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Allow comments by replying to email notification

Allow comments by replying to email notification

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Use the same mechanisms used for post-by-email to allow comment-by-email. That is, comments by email should only be allowed from your registered address(es), and you should have to enter a PIN.

Currently DW allows post-by-email ( but doesn't allow you to reply to comments by email. This proposal adds commenting while avoiding some of the security problems that Livejournal (allegedly?) has with their reply-form-in-the-email solution.

Basically, we just add an option to the "mobile post settings" saying "Also allow comments by email". When commenting by email, you would have to put the PIN in the text of the comment. We could specify eg. that it should be the first line of the comment:

PIN: blahblah

A simple regexp should be able to strip PINs from comments and then check them against the user's actual PIN and make sure it's the right one.

The comment notification email should include a message to the effect of "Want to reply via email? Set it up here." (if you aren't registered for email replies) or, "To reply by email, simply reply to this message and include your PIN as described here" (with a link to the help or whatever).

Poll #12343 Allow comments by replying to email notification
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