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As far as what's technically required to write the code for just one user, you're right, which I know from reading momijizukamori's reply to me last week (and I'm probably going to grab that code from her after all, because now I *am* permanently splitting the usage on at least one tag, and I want to style it/them accordingly, access-level-wise), but as far as multiplying the code site-wide to make it either the default or an opt-in option for everyone, I'm not sure what it would take nor how much of a burden it would be on DW's databases and/or servers (but I have to apologize for saying it would take as much as I suggested it might take; on a re-read of that thread, that is not yet supported by anything anyone has actually *said*).

Truth be told? It is the "multiplying of effect" that's got me worried this Suggestion will never fly unless someone, someday, can sell it better than I can. I got another (completely unrelated) idea shot down just the week before last when Denise wrote in her rejection that it would not be doable because it would require too much back-end power (no, that was not her exact wording on it, but yes, that's the same idea). So now I'm wary of suggesting *anything* that I think might even somewhat have that effect. But I love this idea so much I chanced it, anyway. My intuition tells me this Suggestion might very well qualify as "if implemented, will somewhat have that effect" (I'm surprised she let it pass through at all, to be quite honest).

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