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Re: I really like 1, though I can understand how 2 is the easier way to go.

Option #2 is something that can be quickly and easily accomplished, and I agree that the current wording is confusing at best. For best results, also add a link to a FAQ entry. (I just went over and looked, and I have no idea what "trusted" means!) I think this needs to be done regardless of whether option #1 is chosen and implemented.

I really really really like option #1 and would love to see it implemented!

  • how to make it obvious that specific tags are nonpublic

    Use the same lock icon that filtered posts have.

  • if this gets implemented, how to deal with pre-existing tags?

    Set each at its current lowest security until it gets deliberately changed otherwise. It will probably be more effort to implement, but it will cause infinitely less annoyance for users. There are one or two tags I'd like to change to a tighter security level, but most of them are fine as they are, and I really don't want to have to go through and change every single one of them to a different level!

  • how do we tell the Entry Creation page what security level a given tag should be?

    For brand new tags created by using them in an entry, default could be either private (safer and probably easier to code) or whatever security level that entry gets when it posts (this would be more useful to me than defaulting to private). More complex controls should be reserved for Manage Tags.

I'm opposed to option #3; I rather like being able to select a tag and be assured that I haven't used it publicly, even if I can't directly verify which filter(s) I've used it in.

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