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improve the workflow while using the poll creator

improve the workflow while using the poll creator

poll creator

When I use the poll creator, and then add a new question, I pick a type (like radio buttons/ticky/scale etc) and push the "insert question" button, but then when the page redisplays with the new empty question field to fill out I get transported to the top of the page and have to scroll down and down until I'm back at the new empty field to actually fill in any question.

For me obviously the next step after adding another question is that I want to type in the text for that question, I do not want to go to the "poll options" field again that I filled out at the start.

I thought this was a bug, but the support board suggested it might be intended behavior, that some people first create lots of empty fields before filling anything out, so here I am making a suggestion.

However wrt creating fields vs filling in text first, I'd like to point out that the current behavior brings you neither to the "insert question" button at the top nor the bottom, but to the "Poll Options" area at the very top. Also if you create the second question before filling out the first you get an error saying "You have one or more errors in your poll. Please scroll down for more details." So I do not actually think you are meant to first create all empty fields and then fill the text.

The scrolling isn't so bad if you just have one or two questions, but it seriously got on my nerves when I made a poll with ten questions. Sometimes I display the code for just one question to remind me of the syntax and then do the rest manually to escape this scrolling excess, but it would be nicer if the poll creator was less annoying.

I suggest that after adding a new question the page brings you to the field where you enter said question, not the top.

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