Mar. 27th, 2017

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Add a javascript function to skip to the next or previous entry in your reading page. The function would be available either through a sticky element for desktop, or through a swipe gesture for mobile.

This is kind of like the Jump Links suggestion (which it looks like was accepted but lost in the bugzilla crash), but with a few differences.

The problem that it's supposed to solve is for when you end up with some long, uncut entries on your reading page (like from changelog or an RSS feed). And then you want to go to the next entry, but end up hitting page down a whole lot. Or worse, you're in mobile and you have to scroll down and keep scrolling and scrolling...

So the idea is to have a javascript function available to scroll to the next (or previous) entry in your page. This could be made available with a sticky module which would be available either in one of the sidebars or (if you don't have a sidebar) at the top of the main entry area. It would have just a 'Next' and 'Previous' button, which would take you to the next or previous entry in your reading list.

We could also include a jquery touch plugin that would add the same functionality with, say, a two-finger swipe up or down.

Edit 2017-04-24 I don't see much love for the sticky idea, but having a way to configure an optional shortcut has at least some support. So now I'm thinking a new tab in My Account Settings for Shortcuts, which would have options for

Enable keyboard shortcuts (checkbox, default unchecked)
Next (text field, default j)
Previous (text field, default k)
Enable touch shorcuts (checkbox, default unchecked)
Next (options for swipe/disabled, 1,2,or 3 fingers, and up/down/left/right)
Previous (options for swipe/disabled, 1,2,or 3 fingers, and up/down/left/right)

I could also add a way to make a link call the JS function so that anyone who wanted to use links instead of key bindings or touch gestures could just include those in their styles.

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