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Differentiating inbox notifications from suspended users

Differentiating inbox notifications from suspended users

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Inbox notifications should differentiate what kind/where a message from a suspended user originated.

Currently inbox notifications involving suspended users all have a very uninformative "(Reply from suspended user)" giving the username of the suspended user.

It would be good to at least differentiate between different types of notification (comment, private message -- poll vote? birthday notification?). It would be extra-fancy if there was more information, like, was it a comment in your own journal, a reply in another journal or community (when that goes through the inbox), a comment on something you're tracking, or other information to better contextualize what's going on.

Turns out it's startling when someone with an entirely locked journal doesn't realize they have private messages turned on, they get a message from a spammer who is subsequently suspended, and they have a sudden moment of alarm wondering if there was some kind of security incident. Situations like this could be better avoided with more context for inbox messages.

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OK, I wrote a whole comment out but deleted it because the more I mull it over the more I see this is a good idea. Of the suspended users I've dealt with and/or run across (I've already lost count of how many) maybe two since-suspended users have PM'd me with spam and countless have commented. The thing is, I usually see and read the PM or comment and report it as spam before the user is suspended, so I've only dealt maybe twice with followup comments or PMs showing that admittedly jarring and rather cryptic "Reply from suspended user" message. It would be nice to make it more readable on the off chance that the message ever actually pertains to/came from someone on DW who was not a spammer and for your use case - a private DW with weird notifications coming in from some unknown party.
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