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deborah ([personal profile] deborah) wrote in [site community profile] dw_suggestions2013-06-13 10:17 pm

Add "share" to the interaction links

Add "share" to the interaction links


Dreamwidth isn't a platform for tumblr or twitter style reblogging / retweeting, but it would be nice if it were easier to share others' posts with your readers. Luckily, the functionality is already in the code base! It's just not exposed via the UI.

Let's expose the "share" functionality via the UI.

We have this awesome share functionality in the code base. If you go to the URL

You get a new post window, ready for editing, with the subject:

dw_news | Dreamwidth News: 11 June 2013

and the body:

<a href="">dw_news | Dreamwidth News: 11 June 2013</a>

This is awesome, and we should expose it via the UI, probably in the interaction links, with "track", "share", etc. (The share URL will also work for external sites, but unless someone writes a bookmarklet or some such that's harder to work with in our UI.)

Changes to the current interface I'd suggest:

* Make it work with https (it currently doesn't)
* For dreamwidth internal URLs, change the format of the body text to

<user name="dw-news"> said "<a href="">dw_news | Dreamwidth News: 11 June 2013</a>".

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ninetydegrees: Text: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings (Default)

[personal profile] ninetydegrees 2013-07-29 01:32 pm (UTC)(link)
wow. that'd be way more useful than tell a friend for me.
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[personal profile] stormy 2013-07-29 01:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I second that I'd rather have 'Share' than 'Tell a Friend'.
matgb: Artwork of 19th century upper class anarchist, text: MatGB (Default)

[personal profile] matgb 2013-07-29 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I had zero clue this feature existed, at all, and it's brilliant. It works with any URL and captures the page title of the target regardless.

(was the first page I had open in a different tab)

*goes off to code bookmarklet for dw_nifty*
mm_writes: So you said you wanted a cookie... (Default)

[personal profile] mm_writes 2013-07-30 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
LJ had it the last few years I was there. (2009-2010?) DW probably went up with the feature and either a) decided not to expose it for whatever reason or b) it was still beta-ish when DW went up so wasn't exposed by default. I actually used the feature a few times there but soon came to dislike it because it allows for a lot of empty, spammy content like you see on Wordpress (and is distinctly frowned upon in strictly white-hat SEO terms - if you care about that sort of thing).
matgb: Artwork of 19th century upper class anarchist, text: MatGB (Default)

[personal profile] matgb 2013-07-29 03:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I had a bookmarklet that did that for a bit, and the old LJaddons Fx plugin was good for it, but I've lost both over the years. I would also like such a thing, either inbuilt or as a bookmarklet.

Given we already have the quote button for comments, I'd imagine that similar functionality could be built into a share button and I'd definitely appreciate it. You can already force an entry page to have a modicum of text into the main box, but I never finished working out the details on how to get it working fully as it required putting everything as escaped text into the URL bar which wasn't ideal.

[personal profile] swaldman 2013-07-29 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm wary of making this too easy. LJ's newish Share button actually prepares your new post with the content of the old post in it - making it pretty much a one-click method of plagiarism.

Of course, if somebody wants to plagiarise they only have to copy/paste... and what we're talking about here is rather different, since it automatically gives a link to the original.

I guess my feeling is that the ability to quote would be nifty, but make sure that it is a deliberate action, and not something that is done by default.

[personal profile] swaldman 2013-07-30 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
wow, I never knew that. Although if no user agent implements it, it's kinda moot...
cmshaw: DC Comics: Kory cries "X'Hal!" (Default)

[personal profile] cmshaw 2013-07-29 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
One problem here would be automatically quoting from a locked post. There would probably need to be an extra prompt layer at least.
matgb: Artwork of 19th century upper class anarchist, text: MatGB (Default)

[personal profile] matgb 2013-07-29 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)
When I was working on my share this buttons (viewable on my style on my journal, broken horribly in a few cases) I was very careful to make sure the code didn't show up on locked posts (they're on my friends page) which required me learning new coding tricks in S2 but was definitely worth it.

I'd say disable the feature completely on locked posts, locked means don't share to me, and I'm normally the everything-is-public-link-to-anything guy.
mm_writes: So you said you wanted a cookie... (Default)

Oh, my.

[personal profile] mm_writes 2013-07-30 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
I'm using your code for that (have been forever) and they're showing up on locked posts. On my Reading page. Didn't know they were not supposed to (and haven't altered your code in any way I can think of to make them show up as so). Any thoughts on that?
aedifica: Me looking down at laptop (off screen).  Short hair. (Default)

[personal profile] aedifica 2013-07-29 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, locked posts was my immediate concern when I read the suggestion. I'm voting "with changes" with the changes being "disable this feature on locked posts."
ninetydegrees: Text: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings (Default)

[personal profile] ninetydegrees 2013-07-29 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Privacy issues aside, would it be possible to select the text click 'share' then have your selection automatically blockquoted? Without any sort of additional clicking I mean. And would that be ui-friendly?
ninetydegrees: Text: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings (Default)

[personal profile] ninetydegrees 2013-07-29 08:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Hmm. Don't you have to click on 'quote' to quote' in quick reply?
ninetydegrees: Text: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings (Default)

[personal profile] ninetydegrees 2013-07-29 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I think I meant something different. Like you wouldn't have to hit quote. If we take quick reply, just selecting a block then clicking 'reply to this' would have the block already quoted in the reply form. Magic-like.
kerravonsen: (Default)

[personal profile] kerravonsen 2013-07-29 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
My "with changes":
1) disable this feature on locked posts.
2) if it's possible, have it "quote" selected text from the post; do NOT have it pull in the entire content of the post, but something to make it easier to pull in a quote from it.
kyrielle: A photo of kyrielle, in profile, turned slightly toward the viewer (Default)

[personal profile] kyrielle 2013-07-30 02:52 am (UTC)(link)

It'd be nice if I could choose whether to have it on my posts or not. I know that any public post *MAY* be freely shared. But the presence of a share button implies I am *encouraging* sharing it rather than *accepting* that someone may share it. And...mostly, my journal is just that. Someone might link or quote a post (public or otherwise), yes. But that doesn't mean I want to suggest they do so.
montuos: cartoon portrait of myself (Default)

[personal profile] montuos 2013-07-30 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
fujicori: Pratty and Sanary walking through Wystern (Default)

[personal profile] fujicori 2013-07-30 08:57 pm (UTC)(link)
susanreads: my avatar, a white woman with brown hair and glasses (Default)

[personal profile] susanreads 2013-08-05 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Either make this optional for the OP (remember what you used last time), or failing that, disable on locked posts.